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Geertjan Wielenga08/03/14
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Your Favorite NetBeans Features!

Over many months, NetBeans users around the world have been sharing their five favorite NetBeans features via articles on DZone. Here are the highlights of the continuing list of contributions to the series, and find out how to share your favorite NetBeans features with the world!

Thomas Stuetz08/26/14
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Thomas Stütz: Why NetBeans IDE is Great for Teaching Java

Thomas Stütz, who teaches computer science at HTL Leonding in Austria, shares the key reasons why NetBeans is easy to use in the classroom when teaching Java and other languages and technologies.

Tim Boudreau08/23/14
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Tim Boudreau: Frequently Undiscovered Features in NetBeans

NetBeans guru Tim Boudreau presents some small helpful tips to help you speed up your work with NetBeans!

Eirik Bakke08/22/14
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Eirik Bakke: My Five Favorite NetBeans IDE Features!

Eirik Bakke from MIT in Boston considers the Java editor, Maven support, and the clean NetBeans user interface to be among his favorite NetBeans features.

Geertjan Wielenga08/21/14
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Weekly NetBeans News in Chinese

Meet NetBeans Dream Team member Liang Ding, who leads the team that translates the NetBeans Weekly Newsletter!

Tinu Awopetu08/20/14
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Web Development with Java and JSF: Author Interview with Michael Müller

Software developer and blogger Michael Müller discusses his new book “Web Development with Java and JSF ”, a practical guide for Java developers to enhance their web development skills.

Nick Sabey08/20/14
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NASA Conjunction Assessment with JavaFX and the NetBeans Platform

The Tracking and Orbit Determination Quality (TODQ) Viewer is a collection of prototype 2D and 3D interactive visualizations for analysis software updates by NASA Robotic Conjunction Assessment Risk Analysis (CARA) using Java and JavaFX 8.

Tinu Awopetu08/19/14
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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #653 - Aug 19, 2014)

In this issue: James Gosling and others share why they use NetBeans IDE for Raspberry Pi development; Watch a demo of the WildFly Plugin for NetBeans; and more.

Michelle Chamberlin08/19/14
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Michelle Chamberlin and Bruce Shimel: My Five Favorite NetBeans IDE Features!

What do engineers at Boeing like about NetBeans IDE? Michelle Chamberlin and Bruce Shimel share their favorite NetBeans features, from code templates to keyboard shortcuts and why the NetBeans Profiler is useful to them.

Ken Fogel08/18/14
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Universal Maven for Teaching Java Desktop Applications

Regular NetBeans education columnist Ken Fogel, the Program Coordinator and Chairperson of the Computer Science Technology program at Dawson College in Montreal, Canada, outlines his universal POM for working with Java desktop applications in the classroom.

Simon Martinelli08/15/14
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Simon Martinelli: My Five Favorite NetBeans IDE Features!

Polyglot language support, the myriad "out of the box" features, support for Maven and other build tools, "beginner friendliness", and JPQL code completion... read all about Simon Martinelli, JSR 352 spec lead, university lecturer, and Swiss JUG member, likes about NetBeans.

Thorsten Marx08/13/14
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Thorsten Marx: My Five Favorite NetBeans IDE Features!

Maven, Bugzilla/JIRA, Profiler, project views, FindBugs, Sonar... all this and more are among the 5 favorite NetBeans features described by Thorsten Marx from Dortmund, Germany.

Markus Eisele08/13/14
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NetBeans Nightly Now Includes The WildFly Plugin

Good news out there. The recent nightly builds of NetBeans (apparently upcoming 8.0.1) already contain the latest WildFly Plugin. So you don't need to add it manually and can start working with your favorite application server right away.

Tinu Awopetu08/12/14
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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #652 - Aug 12, 2014)

In this issue: NetBeans testimonials from users around the world; how to build a no-code web project, and other video tutorials; and a virtual meetup to introduce developers to JavaFX 8.

Tim Boudreau08/08/14
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Tim Boudreau: My Five Favorite NetBeans IDE Features!

Hippie completion, Maven, NodeJS, and a handy list of code templates provided in the latest article in the series on 5 favorite NetBeans features, this time by NetBeans guru Tim Boudreau!