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Zoran Sevarac: New NetBeans DreamTeam Member

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Hi, here's a small announcement from me. :) My name is Zoran Sevarac and I'm a teaching assistant and AI researcher at the University of Belgrade. I'm very happy and proud to announce that I've become a member of the NetBeans Dream Team.

I've been involved in NetBeans community for about two years, working on various projects based on NetBeans Platform, giving NetBeans Platform trainings and writing articles on DZone. I also started a local NetBeans User Group http://www.netbeans-serbia.org based at the University of Belgrade, Serbia.

I'm very glad that my work so far has been recognized as beneficial for the NetBeans project and the community, and this is a great honour for me. I also feel that its great to have the opportunity to contribute and influence the future of such a great project like NetBeans.

As a Dream team Member I will be dedicated to:

  • Promotion of the NetBeans in academic community, and including it in official university curriculums
  • Improving the usability and overall user experience of NetBeans Platform and IDE
  • Establishing collaboration with other open source projects, interested to use NetBeans Platform for their development
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Wade Chandler replied on Fri, 2012/02/17 - 3:20pm

Great news! :-D

Mateo Gomez replied on Thu, 2012/05/24 - 1:39am

good luck Zoran Sevarac!!!

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Matt Coleman replied on Fri, 2012/05/25 - 12:22am in response to: Wade Chandler

indeed!i hope all the best for him

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Danish12 Ali replied on Mon, 2013/07/08 - 5:53am

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Cata Nic replied on Mon, 2013/09/02 - 4:18am

 Zoran looks like a really good acquisition for your team. His tutorials are always well explained and easy to understand.

Ehtisham Khan replied on Thu, 2014/11/13 - 7:06am

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Ehtisham Khan replied on Sat, 2014/11/15 - 5:55am in response to: Matt Coleman

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