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Video: Update Space Invaders Game While Playing It

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In this video, Allan Gregersen from the University of Southern Denmark shows a space invaders game written for the Java desktop. As he plays the game, he enhances it with new features. How? Via his "Javeleon" (Java chameleon), which enables you to change and extend Java desktop applications via dynamic updates to existing features. Read an interview with Allan all about Javeleon here.

Also seen in the video is Fabrizio Giudici, NetBeans Dream Team member, programmer, blogger, and conference speaker. The above video can also be viewed here on YouTube and here on

Published at DZone with permission of its author, Geertjan Wielenga.


Antonio Vieiro replied on Tue, 2010/10/26 - 9:26am

NetBeans has been missing a space invaders plugin for years. Any way to get that integrated in the IDE anytime soon? Please, please...

Dominique De Vito replied on Tue, 2010/10/26 - 11:55am

IMHO, is is definitely worthwhile to propose a game distribution on top of NetBeans.

See my post Why not a game distribution on top of NetBeans or Eclipse ?


It would help the NetBeans platform to gain traction (to gain full traction, imho, it would be nice to provide such a distribution, or to host a dedicated update center).


Allan Gregersen replied on Fri, 2010/10/29 - 6:26am

Geertjan just published the Space Invaders game here

It's by no means a finished game. Have fun!

Matt Coleman replied on Thu, 2012/04/26 - 12:47am

Space invaders is a classic video game graphic artist buffalo

Mateo Gomez replied on Fri, 2012/04/27 - 2:03am

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Gale Chandler replied on Fri, 2013/08/09 - 7:00am

 "Javeleon"... I like the name, it has a nice ring to it. What Allan does is pretty awesome, I had no idea you had such smart digital accomplices, I didn't know you could even do such a thing. Perhaps if I could modify games while playing them, I would have more awesome friends, as well...

Cata Nic replied on Mon, 2013/09/02 - 7:37am

 I am happy to see that you still have time for your hobbies. A good way to spend your free time.

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