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Video: CRUD Application on the NetBeans Platform (Part 1)

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1st part of a 2-part series that integrates a MySQL database into a NetBeans Platform application via EclipseLink. The Nodes API and the Explorer & Property Sheet API are used to display the data in a TopComponent class, which embeds a new window into the application. Synchronization with the Properties window is also shown.

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 Download it for offline viewing here.


Published at DZone with permission of its author, Geertjan Wielenga.


Roger Padilla replied on Tue, 2009/03/17 - 6:57pm

That is a very good tutorial, exactly what I was looking from much time ago.

I'll be waiting for the second part (I would like a third part also ;)).


Thanks a lot Geertjan,


Suraj Chhetry replied on Tue, 2009/03/17 - 10:09pm

Great work Geertjan.Dying to see 2nd part.It will be more effective if we can download the Video.

Geertjan Wielenga replied on Mon, 2009/03/23 - 6:11am

There's a download link for the video right in the Related Links section, surajchhetry.

Alicia Jimenez replied on Wed, 2009/05/13 - 11:38am

Muy buen aporte ...

Lance James replied on Thu, 2010/05/06 - 8:20pm

Worked through Part 1 using 6.9 beta.  Never works the first time when following tutorials.  That is a good thing to truly learning a subject.


I am ready for Part 2 but cannot find it. 


If you would please, would you direct me to the Part 2 video?


I am starting a rewrite of my company's MRP system.  I am wanting to make it scalable and get away from MS products.


Your video introduction to the Netbeans platform is exactly what I am wanting since it incorporates a DB access.



Anil Shah replied on Mon, 2010/08/09 - 5:30am

Excellent video. Waiting for part - 2 Anil Shah

Matt Coleman replied on Fri, 2012/02/03 - 12:18am

great enables a better understanding of the app buffalo web design

Morkel Abie replied on Fri, 2013/04/12 - 6:21am I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog

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