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NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 with JavaFX Now Available for Download!

The NetBeans Team is pleased to announce the release of NetBeans IDE 6.7.1, which supports the latest JavaFX SDK. Download NetBeans 6.7.1 (A JavaFX-only...

3 replies - 32525 views - 07/27/09 by Tinu Awopetu in Announcements

Debugging Maven Mojo Plugin Sources Becomes Very Easy Using NetBeans 8

Sometime it happens that when you configure a Maven mojo plugin, the given configuration doesn't apply or doesn't work as expected. To investigate the problem...

0 replies - 1959 views - 03/11/14 by Benno Markiewicz in Articles

NetBeans Platform Training in April 2014 in Leipzig, Germany

I am proud to announce that a NetBeans Platform training will be held in April 2014 in Leipzig, Germany. In this training you will learn all the...

0 replies - 2471 views - 02/09/14 by Benno Markiewicz in Articles

Searching Text and Editing Files in NetBeans IDE is Easy

One of the most powerful search functions I love is in NetBeans IDE. I never find it in Eclipse (by default). My use case is to search a text...

0 replies - 1580 views - 01/19/14 by Vidhyadharan De... in Articles

Icon Manager for NetBeans Platform Applications

In this article I'd like to describe a solution to a problem that doesn't relate strictly to programming aspects of the NetBeans Platform, but more to...

0 replies - 2152 views - 12/17/13 by Paul Orlov in Articles

ExtJS 4.2, Spring MVC 3.2.4, and Maven Example Using NetBeans IDE 7.3

This tutorial will walk you through how to implement a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) DataGrid using ExtJS 4.2, Spring MVC 3.2.4 and Maven with NetBeans...

0 replies - 14954 views - 12/03/13 by Luis Vargas in Articles

SQLXML Support for NetBeans IDE 7.4

Anyone who is using SQLXML on modern db engine knows that there is really small tool set available for developing such queries in the IDEs. So if you...

0 replies - 4344 views - 12/02/13 by Daniel Kec in Announcements

Talking About NetBeans and HTML5 at DevFest Istanbul

I was lucky enough to be part of DevFest Turkey recently. This free one day conference covers all web technologies (talks included Android, GWT, Jelastic,...

0 replies - 2745 views - 11/06/13 by Mark Stephens in Articles

JavaScript Rapid Application Development on the NetBeans Platform

Platypus Platform is a new software platform for quickly building cross-platform JavaScript client-server applications. Platypus Platform supports HTML5...

0 replies - 3261 views - 10/30/13 by Vadim Vashkevich in Articles

NBPortable 7.4 available

NBPortable 7.4 (portable version of NetBeans IDE 7.4) for JavaSE and PHP is available now at

0 replies - 4223 views - 10/18/13 by Wolfhard Kupfer in Announcements

Nice Netbeans Hint - The 'if' Statement is Redundant

I have no doubt about how useful NetBeans hints are for developers. I take advantage of them everyday for my work, both writing new code and refactoring...

0 replies - 3540 views - 09/27/13 by Alied Pérez in Articles

Add .Settings Folder to Ignore List in NetBeans

If you want to add a particular file, which will be visible in projects tab, to the 'ignore list' of Subversion in NetBeans, the process is very simple....

0 replies - 2995 views - 09/16/13 by Ravindra Gullapalli in Articles

Social Translation of a NetBeans Platform Application

Recently my company (Streamsim Technologies) decided to have our software translated in Chinese and Portuguese; we have some clients in both China and...

0 replies - 2475 views - 09/06/13 by Enrico Scantamburlo in Articles

NetBeans 7.4 Beta Hints Warn of Ineffective Exception Handling

There are numerous examples of how Java exception handling can be more difficult than it might first appear and Josh Bloch devoted an entire chapter...

0 replies - 4413 views - 09/03/13 by Dustin Marx in Articles

JFXtras RadialMenu for NetBeans RCP (Part 2)

This article is Part 2 of a tutorial that will walk through adapting an open source JavaFX RadialMenu ( ) to replace the NetBeans...

0 replies - 3840 views - 06/30/13 by Sean Phillips in Articles

NetBeans Project is Looking for NetBeans IDE 7.4 Beta Testers

Do you enjoy playing with software and hunting for defects? If you are an experienced NetBeans IDE user and you have a few hours per week from June 2013...

0 replies - 3143 views - 05/29/13 by Jiri Kovalsky in News

JaCoCoverage: Java 7 Code Coverage for NetBeans

NetBeans had a (great) plugin for Java 6 unit tests code coverage, for Ant based Java SE projects. This plugin was based on the EMMA library, which is...

0 replies - 6909 views - 05/01/13 by Jonathan Lermitage in Articles

How to build a dictionary for the NetBeans spellchecker

I'll try to explain how I have developed the French, German and Spanish dictionaries for the NetBeans online spellchecker : we will build a French...

1 replies - 2785 views - 03/04/13 by Jonathan Lermitage in Articles

NBPortable 7.3

NBPortable 7.3 (portable version of NetBeans IDE 7.3) for JavaSE is available now at

0 replies - 2838 views - 02/26/13 by Wolfhard Kupfer in Announcements

New NetBeans Dark Look and Feels

NetBeans workspace coloring has traditionally preferred dark text over bright background. However, under some circumstances, e.g., in low-light conditions...

0 replies - 47055 views - 02/11/13 by Petr Somol in Articles