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Why NetBeans Platform?

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Yesterday was the first NetBeans Demo camp, in Munich. About 50 attended. The event began with an introduction by Toni Epple and then everyone watched the NetBeans 10th birthday movie:

There were several presentations, all about the NetBeans Platform, most of them about specific applications created on the NetBeans Platform.

Here's a pic of Tanja Drüke, from Genomatix, during her presentation about ChipInspector:

Here are some of the reasons why Aljoscha Rittner from Sepix uses the NetBeans Platform (sometime ago I interviewed him about porting to the NetBeans Platform, here):


And here's his application in action:

And here is Sven Reimers from ND SatCom, with the specifics of his use case. His NetBeans Platform application consists of 1116 modules (could it be the largest application on the NetBeans Platform?)!

It was the first time that this application has been presented in public. Here are two pics of the application in action:

Two other presentations that didn't focus on specific applications were Toni talking about classloader problem solving on the NetBeans Platform (three scenarios, one called "Twins", the other "The Third Man", and finally, "1984", yes movies mapped to classloader problem solving, e.g., somehow Danny de Vito is just like javax.mail in j2ee.jar!) and me talking about "What's New in NetBeans Platform 6.5". It was a really good event, ending in a pub nearby. Here you see the guys from Cismet in the pub (earlier pics of them are here in the 'Will Code for Food' competition, which they ended up winning):

The next NetBeans Demo Camp will be in Genoa, 25 November, i.e., next week Tuesday. Looking forward to hearing about it all, Fabrizio!

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Why not the NetBeans Platform ? ...... as a SWING application itself, NBP doesn't run in the EDT and is not thread-safe (see

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