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Video: Part 6 of an Introduction to the NetBeans APIs

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A summary of the previous sections of this screencast series, applied to an actual application that we port step by step to the NetBeans Platform. At the end, we have a brand new NetBeans Platform application consisting of three modules.

Go here for off-line viewing.

Note: The whole series can be viewed here.

Published at DZone with permission of its author, Geertjan Wielenga.


Varun Nischal replied on Fri, 2008/11/21 - 4:44am

This series is amazing! I am learning a lot.. Thanks Gj :)

Adrian A. replied on Fri, 2008/11/21 - 8:56am

Very nice :).

One note however: you seem to scroll allot because of the "license" text at the begining of each file that takes one entire screen.

I think NB too has a code folding setting:  "fold initial comment" ("Options/General/Code Folding/initial coment" if I recall right).

This setting helps allot since all open source code files seems to have that license text (and NB files too :) ) - that setting will reduce/fold it to a single line, so it would make the work (but also the presentations) more user friendly :).

Thank you,


Geertjan Wielenga replied on Sat, 2008/11/22 - 4:13am

Wow, great tip Adrian. I'm giving a course in Warsaw, Poland, right now, and this is very useful for my next presentation (which will cover the same as the first part of part 6 of the video series)...

Matt Coleman replied on Thu, 2012/05/24 - 1:21am

i am learning a lot on this videos you share website design buffalo


Mateo Gomez replied on Fri, 2012/05/25 - 12:58am

keep on posting fine videos

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