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Video: Part 1 of an Introduction to the NetBeans APIs

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I've started a screencast series (my first screencast ever, so be nice) about the NetBeans APIs, their purpose, as well as some demos. Feedback would be very much appreciated.

I am indebted to Volker Rautenberg's great document (here) for some of the explanations, as well as the Runtime Container image in the screencast.

The source file of the screencaast can be downloaded for off line viewing here.



Published at DZone with permission of its author, Geertjan Wielenga.


Michael Bedward replied on Thu, 2008/11/13 - 9:04pm

Hi Geertjan - many thanks for the screen cast. Good timing for me because I've just started reading the Rich Client Programming book and the screencast supplements that nicely, like having a lecture and a text book.


mark taylor replied on Sat, 2008/11/15 - 7:57pm

Geertjan:  Fantastic!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Geertjan Wielenga replied on Sun, 2008/11/16 - 9:33am

Hi mxb and Mark: thanks for your enthusiasm. Apologies for the poor sound quality of the first parts, I'm really learning as I go along. I think there's a lot of potential in the screencast approach in relation to teaching the NetBeans Platform and I intend to make full use of it (after this series, I have ideas for several more topics, as well as interviews with API designers, etc.). Your feedback and input is very welcome of course.

Geertjan Wielenga replied on Tue, 2008/12/30 - 8:35am

Thanks a lot Jeff, much appreciated! The final parts will be published during the 1st two months of 2009, after which a new series will start that goes into a lot more depth, because the current series is only introductory materials.

dasa sada replied on Mon, 2009/07/20 - 2:31am

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lunang auguste replied on Mon, 2009/07/20 - 3:37pm

Goog tutorial, it helps me starting with netbeans platform. i first try it without any tutorial but i was far from the philosophy of netbeans platform.


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Mateo Gomez replied on Tue, 2012/04/17 - 12:24am

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