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Video: Part 2 of an Introduction to the NetBeans APIs

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Part 1 focused on the problem statement, the runtime container, and the Module System API. Now, in part 2, we will look at the next of the top 10 NetBeans APIs: the Lookup API.

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Michael Bedward replied on Sun, 2008/11/16 - 6:51pm

Hi Geertjan

Many thanks for this second episode. I found it very helpful for understanding how service providers and dependencies are handled in the Netbeans Platform. I skipped that portion that dealt with the Java 6 ServiceProvider example, not having access to Java 6 at the moment. In any case perhaps it would be better for the screencast to present the Netbeans approach first and then have a brief comparison with the Java 6 approach in the closing section.



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Cata Nic replied on Mon, 2013/09/02 - 7:32am

 The API control is not so difficult like the script one. I think the best solution is to offer the same features into a more stable package.

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