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Tools for Adding Color to Java Web Applications

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When adding color to web pages, don't you find that you simply don't know all the colors of the rainbow nor what they're called in the computer world?

Today I found that code completion in NetBeans IDE's JSP editor is very helpful in this regard. But, wouldn't you like to know what a color looks like before using it? Code completion can't help you there. That's where Pagosoft's Color Mixer comes in handy. Go to that site, download the NBM file, install it in NetBeans IDE, and then you'll have a small navigator window with a color chooser. What's especially cool is that when you select a color from the color chooser, you get offered a range of other colors that HARMONIZE with the color that you chose. No idea how they figure that out, but it's pretty useful:

Once you've chosen a color, you can drag and drop it from the palette above into your JSP page, as shown here:

A nice touch is that you can also "remember" a color. When you do that, it gets added to the bottom of the list, as you can see below:

Finally, you can save the whole list and then reload it. All very handy and all for free from Pagosoft's NbColorMixer site. Even the sources are available there, so you could download those and learn from them. Thanks, Pagosoft!


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Tim Boudreau replied on Sat, 2008/02/16 - 1:57am

Speaking of color calculators, here is a simple color calculator which is a demo from my color chooser project (hint: if you press combinations of ctrl/alt/shift while the palette popup is open, you get different palettes).


The clipboard support in the one you mentioned is cool - should add that :-)

Tim Boudreau

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