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Office LAF for NetBeans Platform Developers!

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"OfficeLAF project aims to create a high-fidelity implementation of Office 2007 UI and its Black skin as a NetBeans module," I read today on, from some time ago.

Further details from the reference above: "The main developers of the project, Gunnar Reinseth and Mikael Tollefsen from Exie AS, are reusing some of the work being done in Flamingo, providing a high-fidelity skin and additional UI behavior (such as the main application menu button that is currently under development in Flamingo)."

I found the related site:

Do the following to use it:

  1. Download the NetBeans module containing the sources here:

  2. Add the module to your application.

  3. Run the application.

A screenshot attached to the reference above, initially, doesn't look like a NetBeans Platform application at all:

However, in retrospect, I believe that the above is a development screenshot of Exie 2.0. But it doesn't look like a NetBeans Platform application at all! Well, the screenshot below is a quick application that I created myself, using the OfficeLAF from the site above, together with the TaskList Explorer View (based on SwingX) that Toni created recently:

The above is created atop the NetBeans Platform. I'm looking forward to seeing more applications like the above in the coming months/years!

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Fabrizio Giudici replied on Tue, 2009/11/03 - 7:21am

Tried it - cool. In particular it's interesting the customization of the toolbar + menubar, which is something I was searching for to integrate a more specific Mac OS X l&f.

Hantsy Bai replied on Tue, 2009/11/03 - 8:29pm

I like the skin of office 2000 or bea weblogic 8.x ... If NetBeans can support it, it is great...


James Sugrue replied on Thu, 2009/11/05 - 11:35am

Looks fantastic - really shows off Netbeans well.

Alex Sokol replied on Wed, 2010/08/25 - 3:37am

Can you tell me, how can i use it in my netbeans platform application?

Basanta Thapa replied on Thu, 2010/12/30 - 10:53pm

I am with Alex Sokol , i too am wondering how to download it. I tried using SVN client, but still not been able to download the directories. how can i download it?

Basanta Thapa replied on Fri, 2011/01/07 - 3:03am in response to: Basanta Thapa

Hello Alex Sokol, I was wondering how to download it, and i tried various options and finally could download the directories by using tortoiseSVN client and checking out the URL as
Hope this helps you. Thank you

Angel Sanchez replied on Mon, 2012/05/21 - 8:47am

Where can I get the module as a zip package. I have restriction with Internet and I can't get the source code from SVN.

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Matt Coleman replied on Thu, 2013/02/21 - 1:21am

where do i get this?is it free?

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