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NetBeans Platform Speaks Romanian

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Romanian NetBeans Platform consultancy Joseki Bold SRL has released a Romanian localization of the NetBeans Platform, which makes it easy to create NetBeans Platform applications with Romanian localization. This step also paves the way for a full NetBeans IDE localization into Romanian.

"It's something I've been meaning to do for quite some time but my consulting business has kept me busy," says Emilian Bold, Joseki Bold's owner. "So I decided to hire a translator through my company and, a month later, here it is! It even features proper Romanian diacritics, not the wrong cedilla marks some applications use."


A Romanian NetBeans Platform build is available from http://www.josekibold.ro/romanian-netbeans/ while the localization itself will be committed soon in the official NetBeans repositories.

About Joseki Bold SRL

Joseki Bold SRL is a startup from Romania owned by NetBeans Dream Team member Emilian Bold. It does mostly NetBeans Platform related projects, but also has members working on iPhone applications. For more information, please visit www.josekibold.ro.


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Alex Boga replied on Fri, 2009/09/25 - 4:38am

With all do respect for the people who brought this feature I do consider it totally useless, I am romanian but UI for developers translated sounds like ****.



Geertjan Wielenga replied on Fri, 2009/09/25 - 7:47am

No... it's targeted at the users of the application, not the developers!

Emilian Bold replied on Sat, 2009/09/26 - 10:15am

@Alex: you are free to make an online account on Sun's tool and suggest better translations for items that sound bad to you. See the full list here.

I'm not planning on translating more than the Platform since it's clear that Romanian developers prefer their tools in English.

This localization though should be useful to companies and individuals using the NetBeans Platform to develop their own applications as they have fewer items to localize if they intend to (also) target the Romanian market.

Aurelian Tutuianu replied on Mon, 2009/09/28 - 1:55pm

@Alex Make it better yourself. @Emilian As a old NetBeans supporter I give kudos for your effort.

Cristina Lindinger replied on Mon, 2011/10/03 - 8:43am

It is true that Romanian developers prefer English, but as this translation is not targeted specifically to them, I uderstand and appreciate it. I had to move and learn Romanian for my job in Bucharest, and still struggle but not everything has to be in English and diversity has its purpose.

Jaffa Wify replied on Thu, 2012/10/04 - 4:15am

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Matt Coleman replied on Thu, 2012/11/01 - 1:24am

does NB plan to expand to other languages?

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Edward Villanueva replied on Thu, 2012/11/08 - 7:34pm

This platform looks useful.

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Edward Villanueva replied on Thu, 2012/11/15 - 9:46pm

Any new updates about this Romanian NetBeans Platform


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