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NetBeans RCP Bundle Editor

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Found this editor in latest build of NetBeans IDE next, for editing of NetBeans RCP bundles. Open the editor and all strings from all bundles in app are shown. Right-click on 1 of them and edit it that overwrites bundle string from source:

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Adam Metzler replied on Sun, 2010/04/04 - 3:26pm

This certainly is an easter egg, on easter no less ;) I have been using a nightly build from a couple of days ago, but, did not notice this. I will have to look on my next run. One of the other new things I like in 6.9 is the tool tip info about the modules that are link with the current module project. If you expand the Libraries folder in the Projects View and hover over a module it give you various info about that module, like the version referenced. You can edit that meta data right from there, though you beter know what the exact version is if you want to edit it from there. It would be nice if there was an option to change to the most current from the context menu, for when you change the platform your building against, to a new one. Right now, as it stands, the only easy way is to remove the module from the project properties 'Library Tab' and re-add it to change to the newest versions.

Matt Coleman replied on Thu, 2012/03/15 - 3:06am in response to: Adam Metzler

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