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NetBeans Platform Offshore

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Modern ships and rigs have advanced computer systems for dynamic positioning, power generation and distribution, and drilling operations. Software errors in these systems lead to delays and non-productive time, and compromise safety. Marine Cybernetics performs independent testing and verification of computer system software to detect and eliminate such errors and weaknesses using Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) testing technology.

Based on our extensive library of marine system models, we build applications and user interfaces for our testers and customers, based on the NetBeans Platform. The modular nature of our simulators and the diversity of test programs and vessel configurations make the NetBeans Platform a natural choice. Coupled with Maven, Hudson and an agile approach to software development, the NetBeans Platform enables us to quickly roll out new applications and adapt to the changing offshore industry.

The screenshot above is taken from a Power Plant HIL Simulator, but we also make HIL simulators for Dynamic Positioning, Steering, Propulsion, Thrusters, Drilling Systems, Cranes and other systems. Our database of test programs and procedures is also powered by a NetBeans Platform application.

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