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Yahoo Query Language Console in NetBeans IDE

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Recently, Yahoo provided a nice API called YQL, which stands for "Yahoo! Query Language". It's an API that exposes an SQL-like syntax (from SHOW and DESC to INSERT and DELETE commands) that is very familiar to developers. It lets you make great things: with this language, developers can use a single language to query, filter, and join data across web services. You can even create your own open data table (see that can make your data YQL-accessible.

To test your queries and data tables, Yahoo created the YQL Console to help developers test their own queries and funcionalities, it's quite useful for YQL Developers.

This year (in March), Yahoo sponsored a contest called 'Yahoo Hack Day', an open contest for developers to create hacks using these Yahoo APIs. My contribution to this contest was the plugin "YQL Console for NetBeans", which is the YQL Console embedded into NetBeans IDE:

You can get it here:

To make it work, I used wireshark to sniff the network to see what was happening. In that way, I was able to hack some Yahoo PHP pages that let me "clone" the console inside NetBeans IDE. I'm using some APIs like Bean Bindings and Swing Application Framework for the UI, Jakarta Commons HttpClient for accessing resources via HTTP, as well as RESTClient to format XML and JSon code, and a couple of NetBeans APIs, such as the Window System, Utilities, UI Utilities and Settings.

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Jennifer Buttlerr replied on Sat, 2014/09/27 - 10:21pm

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