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YANPA: SweetHome3D on the NetBeans Platform

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Here is a short announcement on the porting of the popular SweetHome3D 3.1 to the NetBeans Platform.

It is fully functional, but not fully NetBeans Platform compliant yet. The aim is to port it to be fully compliant with the NetBeans Platform, both externally and internally. I'm already using Nodes for the home and its content, and the furniture catalog, but there's still lots of other things left. Another TODO is to port the help to JavaHelp, currently only EN and ES.

It was (is) very exciting to work on it and has pushed me to learn a lot while doing it.


Here I let you see some screenshots. Enjoy them and, especially, criticize them!

Splash screen:

 Splash Screen

Main window:

Editing a Home

Options panel:

The options page

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Dan Howard replied on Thu, 2011/03/24 - 1:52pm

Looks cool. Does it use Java 3D?

Alied Pérez replied on Mon, 2011/04/04 - 8:30pm in response to: Dan Howard

Yes. Actually I made a wrapper module for J3D

Soltész András replied on Fri, 2011/04/08 - 7:43am

This is really great news, I know some people using SweetHome3D here in Hungary. It is a popular application.

 I am also in the (long) process of rewriting my Estate Agency desktop application to the NBRCP platform. When I get to that point, I may even attempt to integrate SweetHome3D with the textual application.

 The power of modularity !!!


Alied Pérez replied on Mon, 2011/04/11 - 3:00pm in response to: Soltész András

Modularity Power!!!

Modularity Power!!!

Modularity Power!!!

Actually I even included a UC in the SH3D UI module.

If you need some help in porting to NBRCP, I'll pleased to answer your questions.

Of course, feedback is always appreciated.

Matt Coleman replied on Tue, 2012/11/27 - 1:50am

 Sweethome3d IS AWESOME!buffalo brochure design

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