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Open Source Stock Trading Platform on the NetBeans Platform

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Chartsy is an open source stock charting, screening, and trading platform built on the NetBeans Platform. Its modular architecture allows traders to add their own datafeeds, indicators, overlays, and annotation modules.

Chartsy runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.


Planning for Chartsy started in October 2008 and development started in early 2009. The first public release was made available on March 4th 2010, so we're only in the beginning. Two months later we have 650 downloads at (here) and over 200 registered users.

Target Audience

The users are amateur traders, people that want to learn about technical analysis, and we're also trying to target more tech savvy traders that can use a common platform to develop their own trading strategies (many amateur traders do have a CS background).

Having a strong common base, contributors can build businesses around it (thanks to the NetBeans Platform's plugin architecture), datafeeds, innovative indicators, and trading strategies. So everyone can concentrate on what they want to do and not implement basic features (such as charts, datafeeds, standard indicators) again and again, pretty much what the NetBeans Platform does for desktop applications.

Here you see the symbol search in the New Chart window and the welcome tab in the background:

And here you see the indicator properties window and a MSFT candlestick chart with several indicators, overlays, and annotations in the background: 


At this point we're trying to get known and recruit developers. We trust that if we keep offering a quality product, results will come. We are committed to growing this platform in the future as our sponsor, MrSwing, is going to launch several commercial offerings based on Chartsy.

Further reading:


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Craig LaValle replied on Fri, 2010/06/04 - 10:48am

You might have mrSwing remove his comment on the sourceforge page since mrSwing is also an admin for the project. Seems self serving and is a bit of a turn off IMHO. That being said, it looks interesting! What does the contributer license agreement look like?

Laurentiu Matei replied on Mon, 2010/06/07 - 10:37am in response to: Craig LaValle

Hi Craig,

 Solved the first remark. Between us, what can you expect from the CEO? He creates a account to rate the project. :D

The contributor license looks a lot like the Fedora Project one's. It says contributors keep copyright to their work but also give copyright to Mrswing. That being said, developers only need to sign that if they contribute to the core. They can always build modules and distribute them independently.

Jim Stock replied on Thu, 2010/07/22 - 3:08pm

I am facing issues with this. Is there any support link ?

Matt Coleman replied on Mon, 2012/01/16 - 4:35am

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Mateo Gomez replied on Tue, 2012/01/17 - 1:29am

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Abel James replied on Thu, 2012/03/22 - 4:04am

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Steve John replied on Thu, 2013/07/04 - 1:21am


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