I'm a Civil Engineer in Computation and Computer Science of Andrés Bello University, Santiago - Chile. I'm working as a Software Engineer in Ingerencia, an small company that develop software solutions. In paralell i'm working on a project with a new company that calls ID (Ingeniería Domótica, in english means Home Automation Engineering), where i'm developing a software solution based on Netbeans platform 6.8 and some other interesting technologies like PLCBUS protocol and hardware devices. I love Linux and I love Java. In my other life I'm a heavy weight lifter, 7 years already. What can I say, I'm combining the develop of the mind and body. Daniel has posted 3 posts at DZone. View Full User Profile

Home Automation Design with PLCBUS on the NetBeans Platform

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I'm in Chile, developing an application for a business in the home automation area. This business focuses on departments (buildings). The application I'm developing uses PLCBUS technology to control hardware devices by using electrical power lines to send data using a specific protocol (PLCBUS protocol). To connect the application to a PLCBUS interface, I'm using the RXTX project, so that I'm able to use serial ports. In addition, webcams are used in my application, via the v4l4j project, which only works on Linux.

Basically, with the application you can build a scene of your department by simply dragging and dropping widgets that represent the devices you want to control.

Right now the widgets are only bulbs and webcams. It is really user friendly, thanks to the Visual Library.

This is a server-client solution:

  • Server.
    • (1) EJB with web services running on Glassfish V3 to expose services to control devices via PLCBUS.
    • (2) A little application that exposes webcams via sockets, works the same as a chat, many connections are allowed and webcams are just resources that can be shared intelligently.

  • Client. An application built over NetBeans Platform 6.8 from where you can control your department easily.


Some more screenshots:


I developed the software as a client-server because I want to develop some other clients for other devices and systems, like Android.

Developing the client on the NetBeans Platform really helps me focus on what I want to do and not to rebuild the wheel. The NetBeans Platform APIs are really complete and helpful. This is my first project using the NetBeans Platform APIs, I like them very much and that is why I already pre-ordered the book of NetBeans Platform 6.9, I can't wait to get hold of it!

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Patricia Albornoz replied on Tue, 2010/06/01 - 1:47pm

Excellent! i want to do that! how can i do this?? Maybe you can do a simple how to...? :D Congrats!

Eugenios Ampelius replied on Sat, 2013/11/16 - 9:45am

 That is excellent, and the fact that you've used the webcam to do a plan of your place is both freaky and awesome. I'd like to do that with my home, too, but my roommate Gershman says the windows are really ugly and I would really have to wait until the place can be called a home.

Jools Avril replied on Tue, 2013/11/26 - 12:37pm

Daniel, I don't know if you had the chance to read Hannes Stein's "Encyclopedia of Things that Bug me Everyday", but there is an enumeration of thoughts there, called "Instructions on how-to"; the author said they are made by people who live in hell and haven't thought of an easy manual even for setting your own RLC linoleum, because they want to make you think your brain is a too wet soaker. You, my friend, have just escaped hell, due to your way of making everything seem so easy. Thanks!

Gale Chandler replied on Mon, 2013/12/30 - 9:28pm

 The way you visualized how your rooms should look intrigues me very much. Did you happen to take some Rising Dragon feng shui courses? Because it pretty much looks like this style of placing everything in the room. It's either that, or you have a natural sense of sleeping well and being happy. In any case, it's a good thing!

Allan Rich replied on Wed, 2014/01/08 - 11:29am

 I wonder if I could use the application to figure out how to design my own house interior.  I've found some great deals on  furnishing and before buying anything I would like to figure out what would work best with my home design.

John Lee replied on Mon, 2014/08/25 - 11:38am

 Project base housing can be more accurate and structure are more strong. condos Angeles City

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