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Aachen on the NetBeans Platform

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A pretty large group of students attended the latest NetBeans Platform Certified Training, which took place at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany, recently:

The students were introduced to the NetBeans Platform, and several of them used NetBeans IDE for the very first time, finding the learning experience pretty intuitive. Here's a pic of the whole group, hard at work with NetBeans IDE, while listening to NetBeans Dream Team member Toni Epple, from Eppleton:


As always, the course started with a meditation on the vagaries of application development:

So, everything in an app is cool in the first release, but becomes messed up soon after:

And then the NetBeans module system is introduced, which is where Toni explains how code from one module can only be used in another module if bidirectional contracts have been set between them. That, in turn, enforces a clean(er) application architecture, with clear dependencies and no/less dark murky corners. 

NetBeans Dream Team member Aljoscha Rittner, from Sepix, was also actively involved, explaining the usage of the Nodes API and Explorer & Property Sheet API, below:

When he wasn't teaching, Josch was monitoring the class, which required a birds eye view, now and then:

On the final day, some existing NetBeans Platform projects were introduced. Below you see Jens Hofschröer talking about a very cool application, named WZL Gear Toolbox, which is a unified graphical user interface containing different simulation programs for gear applications:

Interested in a NetBeans Platform course too? Free for universities, JUGs, and colleges. Read about the course content here and then write to geertjan dot wielenga at oracle dot com for further information!

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Lukas Kirchhart replied on Fri, 2011/07/29 - 7:24am

thanks again for the training! It was very nice and give me a better view to the netbeans platform and changes of 7.0

Mateo Gomez replied on Fri, 2012/06/22 - 3:03am

it must have been awesome to be there  mexican drinks


Matt Coleman replied on Thu, 2012/08/16 - 12:48am

talented group of students,indeed.

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