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New Documentation for Maven-Based NetBeans Platform Development

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With the release of NetBeans Platform 6.9, a lot of work has been done to help Maven-based development get started on the NetBeans Platform. One related enhancement to the NetBeans team is that a technical writer (Ken Ganfield) has been assigned to work on specifically this area of the NetBeans Platform, i.e., a technical writer working on not much more than Maven-based tutorials and other documentation for NetBeans Platform developers.

The main task has involved taking some of the most widely used NetBeans Platform tutorials and converting them from being Ant-based to Maven-based. Concretely, that has resulted, so far, in the following three in depth tutorials on how to use the NetBeans Platform to create Maven-based applications:

More tutorials in this area will be forthcoming. Be aware that the above tutorials should be considered "drafts" at this point and, hence, anyone reading this is strongly encouraged to read through the above tutorials and, even better, follow the steps and provide comments... feel free to do so at the end of this blog.

Thanks Ken for these great tutorials and the work you've put into this area!


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Markus Härnvi replied on Mon, 2010/05/31 - 7:31am

Great! Good work Ken!

Johann Sorel replied on Mon, 2010/05/31 - 5:13pm

Nice, Could you write something about how to add some translation in the application ? like how to add french and spanish platform i18n ? 

Kenneth Mark replied on Mon, 2010/05/31 - 10:01pm

Great news ! We've been planning to move to maven later this year and netbeans is our favorite development platform.

ah mostin replied on Sat, 2010/07/10 - 7:44pm

Great links, I would love to see some docs which extend use case to using maven for building a webstart app and web application for deployment to replicate the 'Build JNLP Application' menu option.

I'm a maven newbie and have got as far as generating the jnlp zip file through mvn nbm:webstart-app but I have no clue on how to extend this to get the jnlp application added to a Web Application WAR with the SUN JNLPServlet.

Matt Coleman replied on Wed, 2013/01/30 - 1:09am

Maven has really done wonders for our system

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Cata Nic replied on Tue, 2013/09/03 - 2:39am

 The documentation is almost complete. I am happy to see that you are still offer support for this version of NetBean.

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