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Geertjan Wielenga01/17/09
15 replies

Hello EclipseLink on the NetBeans Platform

Let's use EclipseLink to set up some very basic database interaction in a NetBeans Platform application. Though it will be the ultimate 'Hello World' scenario, it should show how to get started with database interactivity on the NetBeans Platform, while also...

adam bien01/16/09
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Wicket 1.4 + NetBeans IDE 6.5 = The Dream Team

The NetBeans Wicket Plugin became available directly from the Plugin Manager yesterday. If your NetBeans IDE is already running (as in my case - for two weeks without rebooting), you will have to hit the "Reload Catalog" button. The installation...

Fabrizio Giudici01/15/09
4 replies

Idioms for the NetBeans Platform: Injectable Lookup Factory

With this article I'm starting a series of posts that will hopefully last for a few months, about a set of idioms (= technology-specific patterns) for the NetBeans Platform. All the things that I'll be talking about have been used during the development of...

Geertjan Wielenga01/14/09
11 replies

What is Java VisualVM?

Java VisualVM, the new JDK tool since JDK 6 Update 7, provides a wide range of troubleshooting features for various kinds of Java applications. Whether you're new to this tool or already have some experience with it, the brand new screencast below should...

Harris Goldstone01/11/09
6 replies

How to Efficiently Work with Javadoc in NetBeans IDE

In the IDE, type "/**" above a syntactical Java unit, as shown below... Then press Enter and you will have Javadoc, like this: Then, if the signature changes (e.g., a new parameter is added), select the file in the Projects window, right-click...

Schalk Neethling01/10/09
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Open Source : How Do You Stay Up To Date?

I Love the concepts and beliefs behind Open Source. I use Open Source libraries, applications etc. all the time. One of the things I have always found a challenge though, is knowing when a new release comes to be.

Rob Demmer01/09/09
3 replies

How to Organize Projects in NetBeans IDE

Many NetBeans users have different areas of work in the IDE. For example, they might have some Java EE projects for a web application for their employer, but work on some personal Java SE projects in the evening. NetBeans IDE lets you open and close projects...

Fabrizio Giudici01/07/09
8 replies

Using the NetBeans Platform on the Server with Wicket on the Client

Let's suppose you have developed a rather complex desktop application based on the NetBeans Platform, and later you discover that you could reuse lots of things for another customer's project, this time a regular web application. Well, what to do? You can't...

Rob Demmer01/01/09
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Tor Norbye on NetBeans Code Coverage (Part 2)

Tor Norbye presents a new feature for NetBeans 7.0: Code Coverage support! Part 1 showed the Python version, while in this screencast you will see the Ruby version. Note that the Ruby support isn't integrated into the 7.0 builds just yet.

Harris Goldstone12/31/08
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Secret Grails Feature in NetBeans 6.5

If you have multiple domain objects and controllers in your Grails application, like here: ...it is easy to switch between a domain object and its controller, if you set shortcuts for doing this, which is (very hidden) here in "Keymaps" of...

Geertjan Wielenga12/30/08
3 replies

Best Article on NetBeans Zone in 2008

Based on the number of votes received and its obvious quality, the following article is judged the best article on NetBeans Zone this year: From Pain to Gain: Swing and the NetBeans Platform in the Real World

Rob Demmer12/29/08
1 replies

Tor Norbye on NetBeans Code Coverage (Part 1)

Tor Norbye presents a new feature for NetBeans 7.0: Code Coverage support! Take a look at the Python version which is already in the 7.0 builds.

Geertjan Wielenga12/28/08
5 replies

2009: Learn from a NetBeans Platform Trainer!

The NetBeans Platform Certified Training is a tried and tested introduction to the NetBeans Platform. It takes either 2, 3, or 5 days, depending on the preference of the students concerned, preferably in the local language, where possible.

Toni Epple12/27/08
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Quick NetBeans Platform Tip 2: Fix Navigator Mode in NetBeans Platform Applications

When you create a new NetBeans Platform application and use the default platform, there’s a little bug you should be aware of. When you create a new Window Component the Wizard will let you choose from the set of available Positions ( =Modes ) in your...

Hubert Klein Ikkink12/26/08
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NetBeans Can Suggest Variable Names

I am lazy and I type rather less than more if needed (which explains why my NetBeans tips are so short...). This applies to developing Java code as well. If the NetBeans editor can help me, I like it. When we create a variable in our Java code we can let...