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Rob Demmer09/09/08
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NetBeans Podcast Episode 46

The focus in this month's podcast is on news from the NetBeans QE team, in light of the release of the upcoming NetBeans IDE 6.5, represented by Lukas Hasik. In addition, Tinu talks about the (great new) NetBeans forums and the NetBeans World Tour (starting...

Fabrizio Giudici09/08/08
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Managing Heavy Resources on the NetBeans Platform

If you have a bit of experience with the NetBeans Platform, you know that one of the basic classes in the API is DataObject. It models a datum represented by one (or more) files, thus it offers links to the file system plus other facilities for being rendered...

Rob Demmer09/07/08
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Video: NetBeans Platform Interview

Ted Neward interviewed Tim Boudreau and Geertjan Wielenga during JavaOne 2008, as you can see below, and as recently referenced on java.net: And here's the interview:

Farrukh Ijaz09/06/08
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EJBs and YUI DataTable using NetBeans 6.1 and Vroom Plugin 1.1.0

Okay! No more advertisements for Vroom Web Framework. This time, I'll show you how easily you can build Web Applications using EJBs, Yahoo UI and Vroom Plugin 1.1.0 for NetBeans IDE 6.1.Step 1 - Create a new Project and select Enterprise Application under...

Mariusz Saternus09/05/08
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An Account of Developing a Hybrid Java/Flex Application

Mariusz Saternus is a Polish Java Developer, currently working in the UK. He recently became interested in the idea of writing a hybrid Java/Flex application. He wrote an online PDF viewer with a Java back-end. This tutorial follows the steps he took during...

Petr Pisl09/05/08
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NetBeans Support for Cake PHP, Symfony, Prado, Zend Framework, Smarty or ... ?

Recently, I have answered many questions whether NetBeans would support this PHP framework or that one. So, I would like to clarify the situation about the framework support.

Arun Gupta09/04/08
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GlassFish and MySQL Student Contest - 3 steps to earn $500

Are you a student and like to earn $500 ? Here are three steps: Download GlassFish v2 UR2 and MySQL 5.1 Community Edition Create a cool open-source web application using them Write a review and submit your URL That's all it takes for a chance to win...

Fabrizio Giudici09/03/08
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A Better Way for UML Management

While aiming at blueMarine 1.0 for the end of the year, the effort is being put not only to stability and performance, but also on cleaning up the APIs in order to have a polished and stable version that others might use.

Rob Demmer09/02/08
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Video: Object Oriented Database Plugin for NetBeans IDE 6.1

In this demo, we quickly create an application using JDOInstruments OODB Plugin for NetBeans IDE 6.1.  

Tom Wheeler09/01/08
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How to Create a Console/Server Application on the NetBeans Platform

While most documentation explains the NetBeans Platform in terms of Java desktop applications, it is possible to build a non-GUI application on the NetBeans Platform. This might be useful, for example, when creating a platform-based application which...

Konstantin Chikarev08/31/08
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Video: Epictetus 0.3.1 beta (Database Manager)

For details on Epictetus, see Epictetus 0.3.1 beta: Database Desktop Manager.    

Geertjan Wielenga08/30/08
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Learning from Reverse Engineered JSF Components (Part 2)

The latest release of the NAL ("name and location") component mentioned yesterday, now at 1.4 (since yesterday) comes with support for validation ("required" attribute in line 5 below):

Geertjan Wielenga08/29/08
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Learning from Reverse Engineered JSF Components (Part 1)

One thing I really enjoy doing is reverse engineering technology solutions to learn from them. A case in point is Manfred Riem's set of JSF components, with sources available at the Manor Rock site.

Geertjan Wielenga08/27/08
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Generate UML Diagrams into Javadoc in NetBeans Projects

One incredibly useful article recently on Javalobby is called Reverse-engineer Source Code into UML Diagrams, by Meera Subbarao. Sandip wrote a similar article, on the same GraphViz functionality, in one of his last Sun blogs, Trunk NetBeans cluster...

Rob Demmer08/26/08
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Video: What is Project Nile?

User Experience Designer Jeff Hoffman shows how to use the features of Project Nile, a component of the Java FX SDK Preview Release.Project Nile is a suite of tools and plugins to enable scripters to take assets from design tools like Adobe Photoshop and...