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Petr Pisl09/22/08
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Video: Class Property Variables in NetBeans IDE for PHP

The demo mainly shows how NetBeans PHP handles class property variables, but you can also see other cool editor features and how to find a declaration. Related Reading NetBeans IDE 6.5 - PHP learning TrailNetBeans for PHP Blog 

Arun Gupta09/22/08
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TOTD #46: Facelets with Java Server Faces 1.2

This blog updates TOTD #45 to use Facelets as view technology. Powerful templating system, re-use and ease-of-development, designer-friendly are the key benefits of Facelets. Facelets are already an integral part of Java Server Faces 2.0. But this blog...

Varun Nischal09/21/08
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Implementing Dynamic Binding in a Different Way

A few weeks back I blogged about "Getting your basics right?" I don't know how many of you agreed with it, however the discussion that took place for filing an RFE, which eventually got filed as Issue #142112, was quite long. If people had...

Harris Goldstone09/20/08
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IntelliJ Support in NetBeans?

In the NetBeans forums there's a thread pointing to an IntelliJ keymap for NetBeans IDE.http://forums.netbeans.org/topic2475.htmlThey point to this issue where someone from the community posted a link to their IntelliJ keymap for NetBeans...

Geertjan Wielenga09/19/08
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How Griffon Helps MigLayout

A surprisingly undervalued aspect (judging by how little one seems to hear of it) of Groovy is its support for web services. Literally, this is all it takes for you to access a web service to retrieve a piece of Shakespearean wisdom:

Petr Pisl09/18/08
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Which Code Templates Should NetBeans IDE PHP Provide?

The NetBeans editor contains many features that can increase your productivity. Included in these are the code templates that let you paste snippets into a document at the caret position via an abbreviation or via code completion. You can find the list of...

Arun Gupta09/17/08
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TOTD #45: Ajaxifying Java Server Faces using JSF Extensions

TOTD #42 explained how to create a simple Java Server Faces application using NetBeans 6.1 and deploy on GlassFish. In the process it explained some basic JSF concepts as well. If you remember, it built an application that allows you to create a database of...

Toni Epple09/16/08
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Create a WordPress Theme with NetBeans PHP IDE

I went through the WordPress tutorial for NetBeans 6.5 and it worked like a charm. My blog is also running on WordPress, and I wanted to give it a new theme for a long time. So why not use NetBeans to do this? Here’s my old blog layout:

Geertjan Wielenga09/15/08
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Porting to Griffon

In Flying with Griffon, I created a simple scenario in Griffon, to show how this new Swing MVC framework functions and what some of its benefits are. A different approach, one that is potentially even more illustrative, is to take an existing Java desktop...

Konstantin Chikarev09/13/08
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Video: Java is Classical

Every day we talk or think about the future of Java. About its weaknesses, possible death. Almost everyone nowadays is trying not to limit themselves...

Geertjan Wielenga09/12/08
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Flying with Griffon

New frameworks come and go. They tend to stand and fall based on whether people start experimenting with them. The new Griffon framework is unlikely to fall any time soon, since the large and vibrant Groovy/Grails community has a vested interest in it.

Geertjan Wielenga09/11/08
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Getting Started with Swing MVC Development on Griffon

Griffon is to the desktop what Grails is to the web. (And its 0.0 release was today.) That's more or less all that needs to be said about it, if you're familiar with Grails. If you're not, Griffon is an MVC framework for Swing applications, using...

Toni Epple09/10/08
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NetBeans 6.5 PHP Support with sNews

I’m not a PHP developer, but when NetBeans 6.5 features PHP support, I must give it a try. I’ve got the NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta PHP IDE. As a first example project, I’ve decided to use sNews, which is an extremly lightweight CMS with a friendly user...

Rob Demmer09/09/08
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NetBeans Podcast Episode 46

The focus in this month's podcast is on news from the NetBeans QE team, in light of the release of the upcoming NetBeans IDE 6.5, represented by Lukas Hasik. In addition, Tinu talks about the (great new) NetBeans forums and the NetBeans World Tour (starting...

Fabrizio Giudici09/08/08
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Managing Heavy Resources on the NetBeans Platform

If you have a bit of experience with the NetBeans Platform, you know that one of the basic classes in the API is DataObject. It models a datum represented by one (or more) files, thus it offers links to the file system plus other facilities for being rendered...