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Fabrizio Giudici10/17/08
17 replies

EventBus: How to Publish & Subscribe on the NetBeans Platform

So you are using the NetBeans Platform and you know that it allows you to create a really modular design, in which components can be plugged in and out at your wish. But now, which pattern can you use to reduce the coupling between components that must talk...

Geertjan Wielenga10/16/08
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Interview: Porting a Sales System to the NetBeans Platform

Aljoscha "Josh" Rittner (blog), who works for Sepix GmbH and lives near Göttingen in Germany, has been porting the Sepix Sales System, a plain Swing application, to the NetBeans Platform. The application is a customer relationship management system...

Rob Demmer10/15/08
3 replies

NetBeans Podcast 47

Another podcast filled with info, insights, and innuendo! Here's the agenda (34.17 mins).

Geertjan Wielenga10/14/08
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NetBeans Platform Student Projects: Batch Refactoring

This is the start of a series on ongoing student projects that relate to the NetBeans Platform. Typically, after a NetBeans Platform Certified Training course is held, the students take on an assignment to prove their understanding of the NetBeans Platform....

Marton Sigmond10/14/08
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NetBeans vs. Eclipse RCP: Plugin Mechanism Comparison

NetBeans and Eclipse approaches extension points and extensions differently. Let us see what these differences are.Please note, that this article is meant for those who already have suitable knowledge on both platform's plugin mechanisms.NetBeans Platform:...

Robbie Cheng10/13/08
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NetBeans 6.1 Plug-in for ZK

Ayman Elgharabawy developed a NetBeans 6.1 plugin for ZK that provides a widgets palette to develop Ajax applications with ease. Read this tutorial.

Rob Demmer10/13/08
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Audio: Interview with Jirka Kovalsky on NetBeans Innovators Grants

An interview with Jiri Kovalsky, technical community manager for the NetBeans Innovators Grant program, for the NetBeans Podcast.  Related Reading

Harris Goldstone10/12/08
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My Weekly NetBeans Tip (6): Create Javadoc Stubs

Quickly create Javadoc stubs like this. Start with a method that has no Javadoc: Type "/**" above the method: Then press Enter and you have this: So now the stub is ready, filled in with some basic content from the method you're documenting.

Gregg Sporar10/08/08
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Counting Ruby Objects on the JRuby Heap

I got an email the other day from Michael Yuan. He had been working with some folks who were running an application on JRuby and they thought they might be seeing memory usage problems. Michael put me in contact with Greg Fodor, the CTO of Adtuition who sent...

Rob Demmer10/06/08
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Audio: Interview with Technical Lead of NetBeans JavaFX Support

David Strupl, Technical Lead for JavaFX Support in NetBeans is interviewed for the NetBeans Podcast. He talks about upcoming support for JavaFX in the NetBeans IDE. (Audio only.)

Konstantin Chikarev10/03/08
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NetBeans Platform Tip: Restore windows after restart

In last version 0.3.2 of Epictetus I've added new feature - restore opened windows and content after application restart. NetBeans Platform allows you to implement this feature in three easy steps.Step 1. To save or not to save.

Geertjan Wielenga09/28/08
3 replies

Customizing the NetBeans Platform Main Window: When & How

The main window of the NetBeans Platform is a frame that can be obtained from the NetBeans Window Manager. Once you have it, you can do several things with it, such as change the main window's default size at start up. But, before looking at that, where is...

Ryan Developer09/24/08
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NetBeans Usage Statistics Will Surprise You

The NetBeans IDE "phones home" weekly to check for updates. Sun captures statistics to determine the number of active users and where they are coming from. Below are statistics for the top twenty countries over the past twelve months regardless of...

Geertjan Wielenga09/23/08
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Advanced Tweaks to the NetBeans Window System

Related to the 'Secrets of the NetBeans Window System' discussed yesterday, there are many more little "secrets", all described in this document. There's really a lot of tweaking you can do to the window system to make it fit your requirements. Some...

Geertjan Wielenga09/22/08
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Secrets of the NetBeans Window System

Today I learned about some hidden options of the NetBeans Window System. These can't be set via user interface elements in the NetBeans IDE's GUI support for the NetBeans Platform, though maybe they should be. That would aid their discoverability a great...