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Geertjan Wielenga08/20/13
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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #601 - Aug 19, 2013)

The NetBeans team needs your feedback about your experience using NetBeans IDE 7.3 or its update release, NetBeans IDE 7.3.1. Are you getting the best coding experience when using NetBeans IDE 7.3 or NetBeans IDE 7.3.1? Are there features or enhancements the NetBeans team should consider in future releases? Let us know!

Tinu Awopetu08/13/13
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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #600 - Aug 12, 2013 )

Project News Vote for Community Duke's Choice Award On java.net, you can vote for NetBeans-based "Propylon Lmtd: Legislative Workbench" for the 2013 Community Duke's Choice Award. Last year the NetBeans-based NATO air traffic control system won the award,...

Michael Bishop08/12/13
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Determining Project Folders For A Project Suite

The purpose of this article is to elaborate on some of my work with Geertjan Wielenga's excellent Dead Code Detector module for NetBeans. You can read about it here: https://blogs.oracle.com/geertjan/entry/dead_code_detection_for_all. The plugin is based on...

Drabo Constantin08/11/13
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Mixing ExtJs, JSON-P and Java Web on NetBeans

In a previous article I demonstrated how to build a ExtJs application. In the next lines I will show the content of a small patient management application using ExtJs as client-side framework and Java web with Spring framework in server-side.

Tinu Awopetu08/06/13
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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #599 - Aug 05, 2013 )

In this issue: Java Magazine looks at Twitter's migration to the JVM. Why NetBeans IDE can still work for Groovy purists. NetBeans Dreamteam members share technical tips about the IDE. How a sense of humor and a strong dose of Java community spirit can get you FREE access to JavaOne 2013.

Tinu Awopetu07/30/13
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Quorum 2.0 - Designing a Human Friendly Programming Language

Backed by empirical studies, Quorum is a general purpose programming language that is easy to understand and to use. Project lead Andreas Stefik discusses the recent update release of Quorum 2.0 and the process behind designing an intuitive and user-friendly language.

Tinu Awopetu07/30/13
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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #598 - Jul 29, 2013 )

In this issue: A look at new features coming up in NetBeans IDE 7.4; a new set of videos explores using KnockoutJS in HTML5 applications; and find out what went down at JavaOne China 2013.

Tinu Awopetu07/23/13
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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #597 - Jul 23, 2013 )

In this issue: IDC writes up NetBeans IDE; PhoneGap support comes to NetBeans; a new user group is formed in Italy, and Arun Gupta shares a motherlode of Java EE samples.

Tinu Awopetu07/17/13
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A NetBeans UML Plugin Takes Shape in Serbia

Developers at the University of Belgrade's Open-Source Center, led by NetBeans Dream Team member Zoran Sevarac, have launched a project to develop a NetBeans UML Plugin. Watch a preview of the module and learn more about its development and roadmap.

Tinu Awopetu07/17/13
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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #596 - Jul 17, 2013 )

In this issue: A new beta release (NetBeans 7.4) brings HTML5 features to Java EE and PHP development; a new module integrates MongoDB with NetBeans; a tutorial from Constantin Drabo provides a quick start to ExtJS 4 development, and more.

Tinu Awopetu07/09/13
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NetBeans Podcast 65: The Plugin Podcast with JRebel and Jelastic

Anton Arhipov from JRebel and Dmitry Sotnikov from Jelastic join the podcast to discuss their NetBeans plugins, and NetBeans.org webmaster Jan Pirek gives a NetBeans Plugin Portal update.

Tinu Awopetu07/09/13
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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #595 - Jul 09, 2013 )

In this issue: A new NetBeans podcast episode is live; a new plugin loads keybindings on demand; Adam Bien gets you started with JBoss 7 and NetBeans; and more.

Drabo Constantin07/06/13
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Create your First ExtJS 4 Application with NetBeans IDE

This article shows you a quick start for setting up NetBeans IDE for ExtJS 4 application development.

Tinu Awopetu07/02/13
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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #594 - Jul 01, 2013 )

In this issue: A NetBeans UML plugin is in the works at the University of Belgrade. Budding game developers get the know-how for building 3D Java games with a new book about jMonkeyEngine.

Sean Phillips06/30/13
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JFXtras RadialMenu for NetBeans RCP (Part 2)

This article is Part 2 of a tutorial to adapt an open source JavaFX RadialMenu ( http://jfxtras.org/ ) to replace the NetBeans Platform system menu. It will build upon previous tutorials that demonstrate complete replacements for the default NetBeans Swing components using JavaFX. Examples will explore the issues involved including transparency, JavaFX vs HeavyWeight, Recursion and the NetBeans Platform folder structure.