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Tinu Awopetu09/25/13
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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #606 - Sept 25, 2013)

News from JavaOne 2013: Find out why James Gosling is still a fan of the NetBeans IDE. Download the first release candidate build of NetBeans 7.4. The Vaadin team releases a new plugin for NetBeans.

Tinu Awopetu09/17/13
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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #605 - Sept 17, 2013)

A guest update to NetBeans Community Day at JavaOne: James Gosling! A new video series explores Java EE development using NetBeans IDE; a new blog series spotlights Java developers and groups in Africa; and a new plugin offers additional Java hints for NetBeans IDE.

Zoran Sevarac09/17/13
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Building Rich Visual Tools in Java

Visual tools are key for successful modern software products, since they provide an essential competitive advantage when usability trends are considered.

Ravindra Gullapalli09/16/13
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Add .Settings Folder to Ignore List in NetBeans

Learn some tips and tricks for adding various files of differing visibilities to the ignore list of Subversion. This is all done in NetBeans.

Drabo Constantin09/16/13
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FasoJUG celebrated JavaEE 7

 "JavaEE 7!!!! "  this has been the last sentence cried at the end of the JavaEE 7 celebration event with FasoJUG members. We learned  JavaEE7  technology APIs and had a particular focus on  JSF, JSON-P, WebSocket and Batch.

Zoran Sevarac09/16/13
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Brain Hacking with Java

Brain/computer interfaces (BCIs) are an emerging technology with a wide range of applications, from gaming and robot control to medical purposes. They read EEG signals (electroencephalography, brain waves), using specialized hardware; feed them into...

Tinu Awopetu09/13/13
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New Video Course: Java EE Development with NetBeans 7

Six-time author David Heffelfinger ventures into new territory with a video course about Java EE development and NetBeans 7. Find out how Heffelfinger uses the new course to demonstrates the latest Java EE technologies and APIs supported by NetBeans IDE.

Aljoscha Rittner09/10/13
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Mavenization of NetBeans Platform projects (7.x releases)

Currently I’m testing some bugs in the NetBeans development build (localisation bugs). But for some issues it’s not enough to have the platform sources and a build. To test maven-driven platform apps, I need all updated artifacts in my local repository.

Tinu Awopetu09/10/13
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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #604 - Sept 09, 2013)

Atoum support comes to NetBeans IDE. Cool things happen when the NetBeans Visual Library integrates with JUNG. JavaOne 2013 previews continue with tips on having the best conference experience and more.

Enrico Scantamburlo09/06/13
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Social Translation of a NetBeans Platform Application

Recently my company (Streamsim Technologies) decided to have our software translated in Chinese and Portuguese; we have some clients in both China and Brazil, so we thought that translating our project would help us to expand even further in these markets.

Tinu Awopetu09/03/13
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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #603 - Sept 02, 2013)

The NetBeans team is heading to San Francisco for JavaOne 2013 and this year's trip is an extra special one! A new Java EE video course debuts from David Heffelfinger. Code completion in NetBeans gets beefed up.

Dustin Marx09/03/13
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NetBeans 7.4 Beta Hints Warn of Ineffective Exception Handling

Two of the new hints in the "probable bugs" category that are in the "current development version" of NetBeans are "'finally' block suppresses exceptions" and "'throw' inside 'finally' block."

Tinu Awopetu08/28/13
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jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Beginner's Guide - Author Interview with Ruth Kusterer

jMonkeyEngine is a popular game engine for developing 3D Java games and it's bundled with an SDK (Software Development Kit) built on the NetBeans Platform. In a new book "jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Beginner's Guide", jMonkeyEngine team member Ruth Kusterer takes game developers through the basics of creating modern 3D games with the platform.

Tinu Awopetu08/27/13
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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #602 - Aug 26, 2013)

Scrapbooking Java code in NetBeans IDE? There's a new plugin for that, and for integrating Eclipse XML files. Learn to create a JavaFX DatePicker application, browse new NetBeans success stories from PrimeFaces, JFreeChart and others, and give the NetBeans team feedback about NetBeans 7.3 and 7.3.1.

Geertjan Wielenga08/21/13
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Take the NetBeans IDE 7.3 Satisfaction Survey

The NetBeans team would love to get your feedback about your experiences using NetBeans IDE 7.3 or its update release, NetBeans IDE 7.3.1.In particular, NetBeans IDE 7.3, together with NetBeans IDE 7.3.1, introduced: