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Daily Dose - US Government to Upgrade to IPv6 by 2012

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The US chief information officer announced the Obama administration's ambitious plans to upgrade the networks and services of all US government agencies to IPv6 by September 2012.  Internal networks would be expected to be upgraded by September 2014.  Priority will be placed on public-facing web services.

Oracle Fights Back Against Chip Pricing
Oracle just dropped another lawsuit, this time on microchip manufacturer Micron Technology.  According to Oracle, Micron and other DRAM manufacturers are artificially inflating prices.  The suit is based on DRAM sales made to Sun.  Also, in 2002 the US Justice Department investigated Micron for price fixing but did not bring legal action.  Oracle is currently trying to buy a chip manufacturer.  

Nagios Trademark Dispute Ends Peacefully
The German company NETWAYS GmbH has resolved the trademark dispute that Nagios creator Ethan Galstad brought against them.  A number of NETWAYS domains used Nagios in the domain name.  NETWAYS offers consulting and support for Nagios users and meant no harm to Nagios they say.  

Firefox to Get Hardware Acceleration on Mac
For the final beta of Firefox 4, the browser will possibly feature hardware acceleration for Macs.  The hardware acceleration, which might make it into Firefox 4, harnesses OpenGL.  Mac performance is currently a big area for improvement on Firefox, says Mozilla.

Top 10 Most Useful CSS3 Generators To Write Clean Code Easily
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