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Weekly Poll: Sans JVM?

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A few weeks ago, we asked which programming language you'd use if Java weren't an option. JVM languages, especially Scala and Groovy, were the overwhelming winners. So, for this week's poll, we wanted to go one step further: How would you program Sans JVM?

You'll get a chance to see the results so far instantly after completing the survey. Feel free to comment on the article, as well. The discussion on last week's poll was excellent!
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Howard Lewis Ship replied on Fri, 2012/11/02 - 9:20am

I really wan't "choose two". I think if all JVMs did not exist, the next two choices would be JavaScript (or languages, such as CoffeeScript, that compile down to JavaScript), or Lisp.  I chose Lisp on the poll above ... but I suspect that I'd continue expanding into the Node space, which is all JavaScript.

Adam Gent replied on Fri, 2012/11/02 - 11:03am

F#  I like it better than Scala and OCaml. I don't know why its not that popular in the .NET world.

Mark Unknown replied on Fri, 2012/11/02 - 1:15pm

I think i would quit. :0

Silvio Bierman replied on Mon, 2012/11/05 - 5:24am

Makes sense since the previous poll asked the wrong question. Nowadays, IMHO "Java" is much more about the JVM than the language itself. The improved quality of JVM implementations and the ever growing availability of excellent libraries have made the JVM a more and more compelling option. The rise of arguably better JVM languages have made Java the language itself less and less compelling.

Java has been my main workhorse since about 2000 but once given viable options on the JVM (and opportunity) I was happy to switch to Scala about four years ago.

Without the JVM? I am not sure. I picked Haskell but to be honestly I am afraid that my company would be sent back into the dark ages.

Caspar MacRae replied on Wed, 2012/11/07 - 7:19am

 I've never heard of Punchcard as a language - isn't it just a storage device for assembler?

Jason Cone replied on Wed, 2012/11/07 - 7:20pm

If I could pick one without worrying about what the rest of the world was doing, I'd pick Haskell.  If my pick is based on reality, it would be JavaScript.

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