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Face Recognition in Java @ JavaOne 2012

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Have you ever wondered how to do face recognition in Java? Furthermore, how would you do music classification in Java? And what about poker hand prediction or the controling of a shuttle landing? Well, you have everything you need for this on the NetBeans Platform out of the box via the Neuroph project, which has published about 30 sample projects for Neuroph Studio using datasets from the UCI Machine Learning Repository.
Neuroph Studio is a NetBeans Platform application that provides a rich GUI for working with the neural network framework Neuroph. Projects include classification, prediction, recognition, and control problems, and each comes with step by step instructions.
All the sample projects were created by students as a working assignment during a course on Intelligent Systems at the University of Belgrade in Serbia.
Above is an image of Neuroph Studio. Check out the tutorials and join us at the upcoming Neuroph session at JavaOne 2012:

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Jiri Kovalsky replied on Tue, 2012/09/11 - 7:00am

This is very cool! I have always wanted to create my own neural network that would be able to talk to me but it would take me years to create such an application. Maybe Neuroph is the way to go! I wish a day has 48 hours to find some time for this. :) Good luck at JavaOne Zoran!

Matt Coleman replied on Fri, 2012/11/09 - 12:40am

wow..we have been waiting for this,..i cant wait to play around

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