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Java 7 Launch Celebration - FASOJUG Recommends NetBeans IDE

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FASOJUG celebrated the Java 7 launch on Saturday, july 16th, in  Agence Universitaire Francophone at Ouagadougou university. Java passioned guys assisted with enthusiasm  Mr Jean Tinga Bonkoungou's presentation on Java's new features. He presented wonderful slides showing the power of Java and specially Java 7, encouraging professonal developers to move to Java technology for their next desktop or web application development project.

NetBeans IDE recommended

NetBeans IDE was recommended as the best IDE for Java application development during this session. The speaker has more than 5 years experience in Java application projects and he mostly used NetBeans.

Before that, he used Eclipse, but he moved to NetBeans to the point that it has now become his favorite IDE. He finds NetBeans easy to use and it helps to quickly develop both Java desktop and Java web software. He pointed out that NetBeans is pure Java based and closely linked to Java specification evolution.

He's also right in that NetBeans integrates the majority of the essential servers and plugins and that the IDE is downloadable with most of them.

In conclusion, he highly recommended to use NetBeans as the IDE for professional or academic applications.



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Nicolas Bousquet replied on Mon, 2011/07/25 - 6:17am

IDE is really a personnal choice. Myself tend to prefer eclipse (writen in Java too) and with IBM support. In pratice this is the most widely used and it's the one that receive most support for plugins.

IDEA is often viewed as the best IDE, it may be well true, but because you have to pay for it (to have all required feature for an enterprise point of view) I really never had a chance to fully test it.

My last point is, when you are use to one of them, you are more effective with it, and used to the interface, shortcuts, features or limitations. Chances are when you change you are upset that new one don't support or do differently some thing you were used to... Chances are you miss totally the the feature exclusive of this IDE, simply because you don't know how to use them, or maybe you don't even know they do exist.

Drabo Constantin replied on Wed, 2011/07/27 - 11:48am

Hi Bousquet,

Of course you are right on some points. The post does not mean we  exclude other IDEs.Members are free to use IDE they want. The recommendation to use  Netbeans is based uppon a fact there : we face to students and very young programers, even there are professional developers. Most of them are also Netbeans IDE users.

The purpose is to give to those beginners the facilities to adopt Java technologies. Therefore we need to offer th them a tool which can help us to achieve this goal as quick as possible and  with easy way.Netbeans IDE appears as an interesting IDE for that.  

We are open to other IDEs and  all supports from those IDE  communities are welcome.

Roman Stanek replied on Fri, 2011/07/29 - 4:18pm in response to: Drabo Constantin

Great job, Drabo! -Roman Stanek, Founder, NetBeans

Matt Coleman replied on Mon, 2012/05/21 - 3:33am in response to: Roman Stanek

i agree..good job

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Mateo Gomez replied on Mon, 2012/05/21 - 3:48am

congratulations oj java 7..it is wonderful

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