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Comparing Eclipse and NetBeans

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Today I found this article comparing NetBeans and Eclipse: Comparing Eclipse and NetBeans RCP

I might be NetBeans biased as the author is Eclipse biased but here is my feedback:

RCP applications are developed exactly the same way with NetBeans or Eclipse

I agree here, what makes the difference IMO is the user friendliness of the IDEs. I'll get back to this later.

Eclipse RCP vs NetBeans RCP starts with… SWT vs Swing

I disagree here. If you check here, you can see that SWT vs. Swing turns out to be one of the most common reasons to choose NetBeans over Eclipse as the platform. There are various reasons given but I won't get into details, just the facts.

NetBeans is not an OSGi platform, but…

IMO this was the only big difference from Eclipse until recently. There are even studies about NetBeans implementation performance being faster. See more details here.

NetBeans has an publisher, Eclipse has an ecosystem

This is an issue already identified by the NetBeans community with some work and discussion happening on the background as you read here. both approaches have their pros and cons but there's no denial that Eclipse approach has worked better than NetBeans based on the amount of projects. But this is the only difference. Hopefully this is addressed soon enough.

NetBeans is homogeneous, Eclipse is heterogeneous

Having NetBeans as a single project gives its "homogeneous" characteristic that leads to being more user friendly, standard, etc. like noted in the article.

NetBeans has some tools, Eclipse has a lot of projects

IMO here we lost the author into mythology. Again the difference here is the amount of community support between the two IDE's. This has been changing as we see more projects handed into community hands.

So its a matter of community support to the IDE, and believe me, we're moving in the right way, so watch out!

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Paul Woodruff replied on Mon, 2011/06/13 - 3:36pm

On a general level, I think Netbeans is far more user-friendly than Eclipse - but have you ever tried developing Android apps in Netbeans - no chance. So reluctantly Eclipse has to get my vote for now

Sergey Ponomarev replied on Tue, 2011/06/14 - 4:43pm

I have tried and I think NetBeans with nbandroid plugin is very good for developing Android applications. This app is developed in NetBeans IDE link

Peter Jones replied on Sun, 2011/06/19 - 3:26am

First. What a long procedure for a developer network to register for a simple comment. Asking even telephone number in era of email and voip.

Second. I am using netbeans ide,  i dare say, from the beginning. netbeans is far better than any ide, specifically eclipse. I have tried to use eclipse in many occasions, but at the end I decided it is not as comfortable as netbeans. I figured out why should I use eclipse? Netbeans is so feature packed and it becomes better. plug-ins are in galore. I was worried in Sun takeover it could be sacrificed. Happily, Oracle did a very crucially wise decision in continuing supporting netbeans though it already had JDeveloper and Eclipse in its arsenal.It remains that netbeans becomes more cloud friendly and creates more than ever support for mobile, google, blacberry, and other emerging technologies of tomorrow more proactively.


Ryan Fitz replied on Thu, 2011/11/17 - 2:11am

I think they have some differences yet to be seen amish rifle t-shirts

Sirikant Noori replied on Fri, 2012/03/30 - 1:05pm

Thanks, it's nice work.
I'd like to add what makes netBeans more useable for me - it's key shortcuts: ctrl+shift+up/down arrow, alt+shift+up/down arrow, ctrl+k, ctrl+1/2 (which is also available in eclipse but you need to push much more keys). I also see docking windows much more flexible in netbeans (autohiding mainly).
The only plus for eclipse is IMHO more plugins available.

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Matt Coleman replied on Thu, 2012/03/15 - 3:01am

Netbeans alll the way for me..i find it more accesible than Eclipse


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Mateo Gomez replied on Thu, 2012/03/15 - 6:40am in response to: Paul Woodruff

i agree..very user-friendly and easy to understand than Eclipse chicken burrito recipe

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