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Tinu Awopetu03/25/14
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Newly Released: NetBeans IDE 8.0 with Full Support for Java 8

NetBeans IDE 8.0 delivers comprehensive support for the latest Java 8 technologies--Java SE 8, Java SE Embedded 8, and Java ME Embedded 8. The IDE also provides a range of new enhancements for Maven and Java EE with PrimeFaces; new tools for HTML5, in...

Javier Ortiz03/19/14
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Validation Manager Application released!

The application introduced in this article has been released as version 0.1! You can get it here. Here's a summary of what has been released!First version has been released. It is a bit limited but good enough to use at work for...

Tinu Awopetu02/26/14
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NetBeans IDE 8.0 Release Candidate Available

Is NetBeans IDE 8.0 ready for its GA release? There's only way to find out: Download and try out the new Release Candidate build! Download NetBeans IDE 8.0 Release Candidate NetBeans IDE 8.0 supports the latest Java 8 technologies--Java SE 8, Java SE...

Tinu Awopetu01/15/14
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New NetBeans 8.0 Beta Now Available for Download

NetBeans IDE 8.0 Beta provides out-of-the-box code analyzers and editors for working with the latest Java 8 technologies -- Java SE 8, Java SE Embedded 8, and Java ME Embedded 8. The IDE also has a range of new enhancements that further improve its support...

Daniel Kec12/02/13
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SQLXML Support for NetBeans IDE 7.4

Anyone who is using SQLXML on modern db engine knows that there is really small tool set available for developing such queries in the IDEs. So if you are using really powerful sql editor in the NetBeans IDE, there is plugin  extending...

Wolfhard Kupfer10/18/13
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NBPortable 7.4 available

NBPortable 7.4 (portable version of NetBeans IDE 7.4) for JavaSE and PHP is available now at

Tinu Awopetu10/18/13
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NetBeans IDE 7.4 Released & Available for Download

NetBeans IDE 7.4 extends the advanced HTML5 development support introduced in NetBeans IDE 7.3 to Java EE and PHP applications, while offering new support for mobile web development on the Android and iOS platforms, including support for the Cordova...

Jiri Kovalsky10/01/13
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Is NetBeans IDE 7.4 Ready to be Released?

Have you downloaded and tried the NetBeans IDE 7.4 Release Candidate? Then take the Community Acceptance survey! The survey is to establish if the NetBeans community and others agree that the release candidate is ready for the official released (FCS)......

Geertjan Wielenga08/20/13
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Take the NetBeans IDE 7.3 Satisfaction Survey

The NetBeans team would love to get your feedback about your experiences using NetBeans IDE 7.3 or its update release, NetBeans IDE 7.3.1. In particular, NetBeans IDE 7.3, together with NetBeans IDE 7.3.1, introduced:

Rahman Usta06/12/13
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Java EE 7 Presentation by Arun Gupta @ Istanbul Java Day 2013

Arun Gupta did a presentation about JEE 7  on Saturday 2 February 2013 at Istanbul Bahcesehir University Besiktas Campus. Here is the presentation on YouTube,...

Javier Ortiz04/02/13
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NetBeans Platform Free Book updated!

As I keep working and learning of the platform, I keep updating our free book on the platform in hopes it is useful for people out there.Just added a section on how to reuse the NetBeans database support .The whole book can be...

Wolfhard Kupfer02/26/13
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NBPortable 7.3

NBPortable 7.3 (portable version of NetBeans IDE 7.3) for JavaSE is available now at

Tinu Awopetu02/21/13
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Download NetBeans IDE 7.3 with New HTML5 Support!

NetBeans IDE 7.3 empowers developers to create and debug rich web and mobile applications using the latest HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 standards. Developers can expect a state of the art rich web and mobile development experience...

Andreas Stefik07/15/12
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Quorum 1.5 Released with Robotics Controller for Blind Kids

My team has officially released the next version of our JVM programming language, Quorum 1.5. As always, this is fully integrated into the NetBeans Platform through Sodbeans 3.0 (which was also just released). As part of this release, we are continuing to...