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OpenBlueSky Reloaded (and Mavenized)

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A couple of years ago I created the OpenBlueSky project at Java.Net as a way to split blueMarine that was getting too large. OpenBlueSky was meant as a set of generic components and tools for the NetBeans Platform; in particular, it also contained a few Ant extensions for implementing a more sophisticated technique than suite chaining for reusing NetBeans Platform modules in multiple projects.

As time went on, OpenBlueSky became a sort of kitchen sink - that's why, during the mavenization of blueMarine, I'm not mavenizing it with an automatic strategy, and I'm instead moving and cleaning up single modules.

A few days ago I started committed some code to the new OpenBlueSky at Kenai. In particular, it contains all the code that I've commented and I'm still commented about here at DZone, most notably:

I'm writing the JavaDoc for all that stuff to make it easier for you to re-use that stuff.

OpenBlueSky is part of my effort to provide reusable components for the Platform. Many issues preventing the reuse have been addressed, but I presume others are still there. If you try an OpenBlueSky component and find that for any reason you can't use it, please let me know by means of one of the project mailing lists. Thanks.

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