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Tinu Awopetu11/04/08
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NetBeans Downloads Available via Mirror Servers Worldwide!

Get ready for faster downloads of the NetBeans IDE! NetBeans downloads are now available via a network of mirror servers around the world--in the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Taiwan, and Japan. When you download the IDE, you...

Rob Demmer10/30/08
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NetBeans IDE 6.5 Release Candidate 2 Available

The second Release Candidate of NetBeans IDE 6.5 is now available. The release is also multilingual—downloads are available in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese. Download NetBeans 6.5 Release CandidateTutorials...

Wen Huang10/17/08
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Celebrate 10 Years of NetBeans!

♪ They say it's your birthday / We're gonna have a good time ♪ We're celebrating NetBeans turning 10 all next week with a number of activities and retrospectives!  You can get a preview of the festivities over at 

Patrick Keegan10/15/08
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Beta Tester for NetBeans Certification Exam?

Sun Learning Services has developed a NetBeans IDE Certification Exam, which tests your working knowledge of developing Java desktop and web applications in the NetBeans IDE. Now they need beta testers for the exam. Through November 5, you can take a beta...

Geertjan Wielenga10/10/08
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Now Available: Chinese NetBeans Platform Book

Liang Ye, the Chinese translator of "Rich Client Programming: Plugging into the NetBeans Platform", reports that the book is now officially available at the biggest technical on-line bookshop in China: Note: Earlier,...

Konstantin Chikarev10/06/08
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Epictetus 0.3.2 Beta: Database Desktop Manager

Epictetus is a free cross platform database tool. New release can work with Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, Firebird, HsqlDB, H2 and PostgreSQL. Starting from this version Epictetus requires Java 1.5 or later to run.Release Notes:

Geertjan Wielenga09/24/08
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API Design Fest '08!

As part of promotion of "Practical API Design: Confessions of a Java Framework Architect" and also in celebration of the 10th anniversary of NetBeans releases, we decided to play again the game described in

Jiri Sedlacek09/05/08
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VisualVM 1.0.1: Bug Fixes & Three New Plugins

VisualVM 1.0.1 has been released. VisualVM is a visual tool that integrates several existing JDK software tools and lightweight memory and CPU profiling capabilities. This is mostly a bugfix release, see the list of enhancements and fixed bugs here:...

Rudolf Balada09/04/08
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Patch3 for NetBeans IDE 6.1 Now Available

I would like to inform you that a new patch for NetBeans IDE 6.1 is now  available on the Update Center. The patch includes fixes in modules for BPEL, C/C++, Composite Application, Database, Editing Files, GUI Builder, GlassFish, IDE Platform, Java, Java EE,...

Toni Epple08/28/08
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NetBeans User Group on XING!

There's a new NetBeans User Group on the XING professional network. All NetBeans IDE and NetBeans Platform users are invited to join! You can do so by following this link (so far most of the entries are written in...

Maxim Zakharenkov08/27/08
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Swing Explorer 1.3: NetBeans Plugin & "Addition Trace" Feature

After quite a long summer delay I'm proud to announce a new version of Swing Explorer. Swing Explorer is a tool for debugging of Swing applications, researching their internal structure, event monitoring, catching problems with event dispatch thread and...

Konstantin Chikarev08/19/08
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Epictetus 0.3.1 beta: Database Desktop Manager

Epictetus is a free cross platform database tool based on the NetBeans Platform. The new release works with Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, Firebird, HsqlDB, H2. Release Notes:

Wen Huang08/13/08
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NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta is Out!

The NetBeans IDE just keeps getting better! New features in 6.5 Beta include support for Groovy and Grails, built-in support for Hibernate, Compile/Deploy on Save, and much more.  There is also enhanced JavaScript support with new features like debugging...

Jill Tomich07/28/08
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NetBeans IDE 6.1 Java Editor

The only IDE you need! You’ll find this reference card helpful if you want to get as much out of the Java editor as its authors intended when creating it. It lists all the keyboard shortcuts in carefully thought out categories and it provides a thorough...