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Toni Epple11/17/11
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Java Performance Tuning in Munich with Kirk Pepperdine!

Eppleton is happy to announce that for the second time we're hosting Kirk Pepperdine's excellent performance tuning course at Eppleton in Munich from Tuesday, November 29 to Friday, December 2, 2011:

Carl Kabbe11/15/11
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Vacancies for NetBeans IDE Users in Charleston, US

We are looking for one or two programmers with experience in Java. Experiences in JSP, AJAX, Flex, Linux, Android, iOS and/or JasperSoft would be a plus.  Our development envionment is primarily NetBeans IDE, though we also use FlexBuilder and XCode. Our...

Peter Harman11/02/11
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Vacancy for NetBeans Platform Developer in Coventry, UK

We are looking for a Java GUI developer with experience in building tools on the NetBeans Platform and an enthusiasm to develop intuitive and powerful user interfaces for model-based-systems-engineering software, such as our modeling product Vertex:

R. Kusterer10/28/11
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jMonkeyEngine 3 Beta Released

3D game engine with Android deployment, improved SDK, Blender importer, and more! The jMonkeyEngine community is very happy to announce the latest release, jMonkeyEngine3 Beta! What is jMonkeyEngine? is an open-source project released...

Jiri Sedlacek10/17/11
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VisualVM 1.3.3 Released

VisualVM 1.3.3 has been released at The key news in this release are: Automatic deadlock detector Sampled per-thread CPU and memory analysis Support for Eclipse IDE 3.6 and newer   The tool is built on the NetBeans Platform 7.0.1...

Tinu Awopetu10/03/11
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NetBeans IDE 7.1 Beta Now Available for Download

The NetBeans team is pleased to announce the availability of NetBeans IDE 7.1 Beta. NetBeans IDE 7.1 Beta introduces support for JavaFX 2.0 by enabling the full compile/debug/profile development cycle for JavaFX 2.0 applications. The release also provides...

Toni Epple08/25/11
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How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to Oktoberfest in Munich

Like every year everyone here in Munich is preparing for the Oktoberfest, dusting their Lederhosn or buying a new Dirndl. It's really a nice event, well, it's the world's largest fair, starting on September 17th.

Tinu Awopetu08/23/11
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Satisfied with NetBeans IDE 7? Take the NetBeans Satisfaction Survey

Have you downloaded and tried NetBeans IDE 7.0 or its update release, NetBeans IDE 7.0.1? The NetBeans team is interested in your feedback.

Harnek R08/16/11
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DbWrench Database Design & Synchronization v2.1.0

Major Upgrade Released  Version 2.1.0 of this database design and synchronization software has been released. The primary new features of this major release include:

Tinu Awopetu08/01/11
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NetBeans IDE 7.0.1 Now Available for Download

The NetBeans Team has released NetBeans IDE 7.0.1, with full support for the official release of the Java SE 7 platform. An update to NetBeans IDE 7.0, this release includes the following notable changes:

Tinu Awopetu07/27/11
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NetBeans Announces 1,000,000 Active Users

The NetBeans Team is proud to announce that, as of this month, the NetBeans IDE has 1,000,000 active users."That's not downloads," says John Jullion-Ceccarelli, NetBeans senior manager. "That number represents people who are regularly using...

Tinu Awopetu06/28/11
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NetBeans IDE 7.0.1 Release Candidate Now Available

The NetBeans team has released the Release Candidate of NetBeans IDE 7.0.1.NetBeans 7.0.1 will bring full compatibility with JDK 7, GlassFish server updated to version 3.1.1, and numerous bugfixes and performance improvements across all areas.You can obtain...

Andreas Stefik06/01/11
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Announcing Phonemic 1.0: Cross Platform Speaking Library

My team would would like to officially announce the release of a software product called Phonemic. Phonemic 1.0 is an open-source library for doing screen-reader compatible text-to-speech in Java. Phonemic can be used on a host of operating systems and is the...

Geertjan Wielenga05/26/11
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JavaFX 2.0 Beta Plugin for NetBeans IDE 7.0 Now Available for Download

The much-anticipated JavaFX 2.0 release is now available in public beta — which means you can take advantage of all the new benefits that JavaFX 2.0 brings to the Java platform. This release is the latest development in Oracle’s long-term commitment to...

Tinu Awopetu04/20/11
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NetBeans IDE 7.0 Available for Download

The NetBeans team proudly announces the availability of NetBeans IDE 7.0!