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Citra FX Photo Effects 3.0

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KIYUT just released Citra FX Photo Effects 3.0, an image filter effects for digital photos or images. It allows anyone, regardless of experience, to turn digital images into unique artistic looks. Citra FX comes with many prebuilt filters from color adjustment, contrast, exposure to advanced filters like water ripple, emboss, etc. The result is only limited by your creativity. You also get instant visual feedback on what you changed.

Applying filter effects to digital image never been this easy and fun. It is well suited for everything from simple to advanced digital photo or image filtering.

Citra FX Photo Effects


Citra FX makes it easy to get impressive photo effects:

  • Many Photo Filter and Photo Effects.
    -  Blur: Box, Gaussian, Motion, Sharpen, ...
    - Color: Contrast, Exposure, Grayscale, HSB, RGB, ...
    - Distort: Circle, Diffuse, Marble, Ripple, Twirl, Water, ...
    - Stylize: Contour, Emboss, Flare, Light, Mosaic, Noise, Oil, ...
    - Photo Mask and Vignette Effects
  • Easy, simple, and fun to create impressive photo effects.
  • But surprisingly powerful.

What's new:

  • Add Filter Distort -> Warp
  • Fix Selection Bug, when the image has transparent area
  • Improved UI
  • Other small enhancements
  • Updated to use NetBeans Platform 6.5 (platform9 cluster)

Citra FX Photo Effects Information:


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Otengi Miloskov replied on Fri, 2008/11/28 - 7:52am

Ok looks cool and it is in Java but what it uses? Swing, Java2D, JavaFX?.

Rajesh Sawant replied on Fri, 2008/11/28 - 9:45am in response to: Otengi Miloskov

Its looks like Swing/Java2D build on top of Netbeans platform.

Tonny Kohar replied on Sat, 2008/11/29 - 12:52am

Yes exactly, it is Graphics2D as the engine or pixel manipulation. And for the GUI it is Netbeans Platform and Swing.



Tonny Kohar replied on Sat, 2008/11/29 - 12:55am

Almost forget, many of the filters are come from JHLabs Image Filter

It is Graphics2D for pixel manipulation.



Otengi Miloskov replied on Wed, 2008/12/03 - 8:19am in response to: Tonny Kohar

Congratulations nice job, It show your skills and that how could use to create a professional graphic package with Java/Java2D/Swing, Java Rocks for graphics!.

Jason Baste replied on Mon, 2010/11/01 - 9:41am

Yea I like Java a lot too. The only problem I see with it is that Goolge doesn't like it so much. If you have a website mainly based on java, you need to rething your strategy. You should mostly use Java for you site visitors, not so much your ranking factor. That felt a little off topic. Anyways I love this little piece of software. It looks great!

Evan Ghosh replied on Sat, 2011/01/08 - 1:17am

The Citra FX Photo effects are simply one of the best image filter effects for images as well as digital photos. The best thing about them is that the person using it does not really need any kind of experience to use it. The user interface is very friendly. The version 3.0 mentioned here has been updated and their latest version is 3.7 which seems to be very efficient and has now come up with more options where users can get their photo booth filters applied at a very fast rate!

James Kay replied on Mon, 2011/01/10 - 11:46am

I've been using Citra for awhile, and there's no doubt that it's user friendly. I've had friends borrow my laptop to use it, and after having no experience whatsoever with editing programs, they caught on almost immediatley. You can imagine how efficient a professional photographer can be with a program like this. I highly recommend this. It's wonderful!


-James K.

Amu Hindu replied on Tue, 2011/02/15 - 6:58am

Citra FX Photo Effects leaves a watermark on images during the trial. This program comes as a compressed ZIP file and leaves folders upon uninstall. We recommend this program because of its unique filter applications. wedding video in Worcestershire

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