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Swing Explorer 1.3: NetBeans Plugin & "Addition Trace" Feature

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After quite a long summer delay I'm proud to announce a new version of Swing Explorer. Swing Explorer is a tool for debugging of Swing applications, researching their internal structure, event monitoring, catching problems with event dispatch thread and more. The release can be downloaded from here. There are two major additions in this release:

NetBeans plug-in
Now NetBeans users can easily launch Swing Explorer from IDE using just one menu item. The plug-in also supports direct navigation from Swing Explorer to the source code in the NetBeans. See more information here.

"Addition trace" functionality
The functionality allows you to find the source code instruction responsible for adding a component into a container. The functionality is very useful when you have some old very complicated UI and want to understand the connection between what you see on the screen and what you see in the code. Here you will find more information about this feature.

I'm looking forward for your feedback about the new release. If you encounter a problem feel free to contact me by this e-mail: maxz1 {at} or through this mailing list:
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Maxim Zakharenkov replied on Wed, 2008/08/27 - 10:24am in response to: Geertjan Wielenga

Hi Geertjan,

Thanks for the testing, and feedback :)

I've recreated the plug-in. It should work now.

(it seems like I've committed it into CVS without "binary" flag)

Could you please try again? 




Shaul Goral replied on Wed, 2008/08/27 - 11:06am

I have been waiting for this pluging. I used your tool a few times and I never liked the way I had to start it up.

I must add that in some situations it had been very helpful. It has also improved my understanding of swing. I'm sure I will use it more often now that it's integrated into Netbeans.

truly excellent work.



Amol Sawant replied on Fri, 2009/10/30 - 9:37am

Hi Maxim, I installed the plugin and trying to test it. Can it provide functionality like creating .form files from existing Swing code? I am working on code that is not created from Design model. The code is copy-paste from other templates and then modified, so its hard to make new changes for me. Will write more once I am able to test ur plugin. Amol

Evan Ghosh replied on Sat, 2011/01/08 - 1:15am

I think that for the purpose of debugging swing applications, Swing Explorer is really the best out there. Not only do they do the job of debugging but also they investigate the internal structure, monitoring of events and similar issues. However, their latest update and release of Swing Explorer 1.4 is said to have fixed all the minor bug issues that were associated with addition trace functionality! Furthermore, the added plugin ensures that we don’t need to recreate a plugin! vCloud

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